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Murni Teguh Memorial Hospital Profile

Murni Teguh Memorial Hospital is located at Jalan Jawa No 2, in the center of Medan City.

Founders of this hospital are dr. Mutiara, MHA, MKT and team of Mr. Ganda, Mr. Tjhin Ten Chun, Mrs Jacqueline Sitorus, Mrs. Bertha, Mrs. Thio Ida, dr. Hendriyo, SpRad, dr. Adrian, dr. Sry Surjani, M.Kes, dr. Surjadi Rimbun.

Firstly proposed by dr. Mutiara, Murni Teguh Memorial Hospital is built to be a memorial that reflects kindness and generosity to others.

Murni Teguh Memorial Hospital is named after dr. Mutiara's mother, a generous woman, whom during her lifetime always help those in needs. As part of history, Murni Teguh Memorial Hospital is also an ideal embodiment of dr. Mutiara and team's will to help others.

Medical Service

Outpatient Installation

- Specialist Clinics

- Family Health Clinics

- Clinic of General Medicine Examination

- Clinical Examination & Treatment Of Tropical Diseases

- Travel Medicine Clinic

Clinic Laboratory

- Anatomic Pathology

- Microbiology

- Parasitology

- Blood Transfusion Units

- Clinical Pathology


- 128 slice CT Scan

- MRI 1,5 Tesla

- Mammography

- Ultrasonography (USG)

- General x-Ray

- Inventional Radiology

Cardiac Diagnostic


- Treadmill Test

- Echocardiology

- Angiography (Cathlab Biplane)


- Esophagoscopy

- Gastroscopy

- Colonoscopy


- Bronchoscopy

Medical Rehabilitation

- Physiotherapy

- Speech Therapy

- Occupation Therapy

Public Service

The Emergency Room (24/7)

In-Patient Installation(200 Bad Room)




Operating Theatres


Laporoscopy Surgery

Oncology - Hematology Day Care Centre

Pharmaceutical Installation

Medical Check Up


Being a favorite hospital for the city of Medan and surrounding areas to provide complete medical services and quality with a focus on the fields of Oncology and Cardiovascular.


Providing comprehensive solutions to a variety of health problems and malignancies and cardiovascular disease prevention.


ETICA = Emphaty, Teamwork, Integrity, Communication, Accountability.



Your partner for healthy living

Our Specialist

dr. R. Lia Kesumawati, MS, SpMK(K)

° Clinical Microbiology